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Packaging management plan rejected in British Colombia

Canada – Following two years of discussions and plan revisions with government officials, the British Colombia ministry of environment has denied approval of the latest version of the StewardChoice Packaging and Printed Paper Plan (PPP). The proposed recycling regulation would have allowed for competition in the British Colombia area by permitting more than one approved plan within a product category.

British Columbia officials argue that the plan ‘does not adequately ensure’ that producers will pay the full costs of collecting and managing 75% of their produced packaging and printed paper volumes, as is required. This would potentially leave consumers to fund the remaining costs. A lack of information provided to key stakeholders could additionally risk service reductions to existing producer-funded services, the ministry claims.

‘Needless to say, StewardChoice is extremely disappointed with the ministry’s decision,’ comments Neil Hastie, development director of the organisation. ‘We do not agree with the ministry’s objections, which seem to be insufficient on their own to be the basis for the rejection of our plan in any event. We were determined to provide producers with choice and expand access for residents who are not receiving a producer-funded PPP service, thereby offering benefits for both producer and residents.’

StewardChoice has confirmed that it will take up the option of filing an appeal within 30 days of the date of the ministry’s decision.

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