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New CEPI quality control guidelines for mills and paper suppliers

Europe – The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has issued revised guidelines on paper for recycling quality control, including recommendations for suppliers and for mills themselves.

The objective, states the organisation, is to achieve greater harmonisation and to facilitate commercial relationships between mills and suppliers. It is also intended to improve the implementation of the EN 643 list of standard grades of paper and board for recycling – ‘the basic document to be used by industry professionals in the buying and selling of paper for recycling’.

This standard defines what the different grades of paper for recycling can and cannot contain as well as defining prohibited materials and unwanted materials. It also sets maximum tolerance levels by grade for unwanted materials.

‘Specific agreements between buyer and supplier for grades with special specifications might still be necessary to meet individual requirements; however, general recommendations are needed to facilitate a common understanding of the standard,’ CEPI insists.

‘The revised guidelines put a strong emphasis on the inspection procedure for quality control at the paper mill and explain what controllers should consider during an inspection in order to decide if a load should be accepted, conditionally accepted or refused,’ CEPI points out.

‘After a general control, further important parameters for quality control are named, ie bale conditions, moisture control and control of unwanted materials,’ it adds.

The recommended control procedure is described in detail within the document. The guidelines also provide recommendations with regard to information for suppliers, documentation and staff education.

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