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Frugalpac’s new slant on recyclable paper cup

Europe – Frugalpac, which specialises in developing sustainable packaging, says its new recycled paper cup is an answer to one of the UK’s growing waste problems – namely, the 2.5 billion coffee cups disposed of countrywide every year.

According to the manufacturer, there are only two sites in the UK where conventional paper cups can be recycled, meaning that only one in 400 cups actually go back into the material loop.

The new cup is made of recycled paper without the use of any chemicals and is recyclable in standard paper mills, according to Martin Myerscough, chief executive of Frugalpac. It is ‘competitively priced’ and has a carbon footprint that is around half that of many of today’s normal paper cups, certification firm Intertek has confirmed.

‘Our patented manufacturing technology creates packaging formed from a cardboard outer shell with a thin waterproof liner inside,’ the manufacturer comments.

The plastic liner is only lightly bonded to the paper cup but it looks and feels like a traditional cup and can be placed in any recycling bin marked paper and cardboard, according to Frugalpac.

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