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Fast food packaging finally turning green

United States/United Kingdom – Fast food giant McDonald’s has reduced the paper in its napkins by 21% in the last 10 years, reports Dogwood Alliance in a new study, Greening Fast Food Packaging. Pizza Hut has achieved a 15% reduction in paper use.

Coffee company Starbucks, meanwhile, has set a target of providing only reusable or recyclable cups by 2015 and already offers discounts to customers with reusable mugs and containers.

Alongside these case studies, Dogwood sets out an eight-step plan enabling other companies to adopt more paper-efficient working practices and make their operations generally more sustainable. The report urges retailers to introduce new packaging designs, avoid paper from environmentally questionable sources and promote more in-store recycling.

The environmental group says company-wide policies that cover the entire supply chain must be implemented, and systems introduced to measure progress against objectives. The report underlines the importance of partnering with industry leaders on green packaging research and initiatives.

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