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Carton recycling on the increase in the USA

United States – A rapidly-growing number of Americans has access to carton recycling, according to the Carton Council of North America.

This grouping of carton manufacturers, which promotes recycling technology and local collections, reckons access in the USA has increased by 16.4% in the last year and has expanded from 43 to 45 states, bringing the total share of American households that can participate in carton recycling to 48%.

‘We are proud of the progress made in 2013,’ says Jason Pelz, vice president environment for Tetra Pak North America and vice president of recycling projects for the Carton Council. He goes on to claim that carton recycling access has leapt ‘160% in just four years’.

Large communities to have added carton recycling facilities in 2013 include: Tampa, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee; and Columbus, Ohio.

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