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Bryson commits to carton reprocessing venture

UK – Following the deal with global packaging provider Sonoco Alcore to launch the only beverage carton reprocessing plant in the UK, the Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment UK (ACE UK) confirms that Bryson Recycling of Northern Ireland has signed up as the venture’€™s first customer.

The latter will send its bales of used beverage cartons to the 25 000-tonnes-per-annum reprocessing plant in West Yorkshire which is expected to become operational early next year. 

‘€˜The ability to reprocess beverage cartons in the UK is great news for us and our local authority partners,’€™ comments Bryson Recycling Director Eric Randall. ‘€˜At the heart of everything we do is the triple bottom line approach: social responsibility; environmental sustainability; and economic viability. Our agreement with ACE UK and Sonoco Alcore puts a big tick in all these boxes, so we’€™re delighted to be leading the pack as the first to sign up.’€™

Citing many discussions with local authorities, ACE UK has high hopes that providing a UK-based reprocessing solution will make the switch to kerbside collection more appealing, thus yielding improved recycling rates. ‘€˜Nevertheless, even we are surprised at the level of interest received from MRF (material recycling facility) operators in the plant and the UK-based market it creates for used beverage cartons,’€™ remarks Fay Dashper, Recycling Operations Manager at ACE UK.

She adds: ‘€˜We’€™re confident that by the end of Year 1 (December 2013), a further ten local authorities will have started collecting cartons in their kerbside service, sending them to the new plant for recycling.’€™

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