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BIR picks new paper division president from bvse top

Germany – The Bureau of International Recycling’s Paper Division has chosen Reinhold Schmidt as its new president. He will succeed Ranjit Singh Baxi, who was elected as treasurer of the BIR last year and decided not run for the presidency.

Schmidt is vice president of Germany’s bvse (Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management), where he is likewise chairman of the Paper Recycling Division. Schmidt is also a long-time BIR member, having acted for the last seven years as vice president for Germany on the organisation’s Paper Board.

‘A key goal of my presidency of the Paper Division will be to counteract the increasingly noticeable artificial barriers to the free and fair trade of paper for recycling’, Schmidt has declared. He sees his mission as intrinsically linked to controversial legislative changes in the German paper industry which have transformed many municipalities into ‘extremely hostile’ competitors.

Eager to see this trend reversed, Schmidt has stated that he will focus on ‘securing and expanding the valuable role of the recovered paper industry worldwide’.

The new president asserted: ‘Our industry is the best example of how ecology and economy can harmonise well together.’ He added that close cooperation between bvse and BIR had allowed the interests of the German recovered paper industry to be represented globally for the last 35 years.

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