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US metal thieves get away with US$ 300 000 haul

Scrap thieves recently stole US$ 300 000 worth of precious metal from the 3V chemical plant in Georgetown, South Carolina.

The crime is described as an ‘overnight heist’, which police says was pulled off by a duo of methodical, well organised burglars last month. The scrap thieves reached the plant by taking a boat out on Sampit River during high tide and docking it near the site. Surveillance footage shows the disguised figures coming on shore around midnight. They return to the boat barely an hour later with a total of four large drums filled with precious metals – mostly palladium – and quickly make their escape.

According to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, the criminals appear to be familiar with the area and knew exactly what they were after. Authorities add that this isn’t a isolated incident, citing a string of local and national catalytic converters thefts. The crime wave is thought to be sparked by rising platinum and palladium prices.

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