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Toyota adopts coaching role in metals recovery mission

Global – Toyota Motor Corporation is set to begin promoting the ‘proper’ extraction of materials from scrap cars in developing countries by sharing its recycling expertise with a hundred specially-selected companies.

The project involves Toyota-approved plants using state-of-the-art technologies for extracting metals such as copper from wire harnesses and dysprosium from motors. The car manufacturer plans to launch the first authorised site in the Chinese capital Beijing and will provide hands-on assistance in the form of training, as it will in other facilities worldwide.

Toyota will initially sell any recovered materials through regular commercial channels but these may also be used in future car series provided that the quantities are large enough, it says. The manufacturer cites its successful recycling programmes with Toyota Tsusho in Japan, allowing it to incorporate 20% by weight of recycled content plastic parts in its Sai hybrid series.

The Toyota group sold over 10 million vehicles worldwide last year, making it the biggest vehicle manufacturer for a fourth consecutive year. China alone will scrap up to 10 million end-of-life cars in 2020, the group acknowledges.

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