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The sky is no longer the limit with Boeing

United States – You don’t have to be an airline passenger to share in the high life now that aircraft giant Boeing has revamped its ‘Custom Hangar’ online shop so people can buy items made from ‘genuine vintage aircraft parts’. These include a glass-top coffee table fashioned from the core of a 747 jetliner engine.

The Boeing project spans anything from aircraft window panes and miniature plane sculptures to leather business-class seats. Consumers can even get their hands on a pilot and co-pilot yoke or control stick from a P-51 Mustang fighter.

Boeing explains: ′Odds are you′re never going to get to fly in an F-4 Phantom, but now you can know what it was like by taking a seat in your very own F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat.′ Despite price tags ranging from US$ 200 to several thousands, Boeing′s brand management expert James Newcomb says it is proving difficult to keep up with demand. ′It′s amazing how quickly it sells,′ he declares. ′We have trouble keeping stuff in stock.′

Ultimately, Boeing hopes that expanding its online portfolio will boost industrial recycling and prove to aviation fans everywhere that ′used′ doesn′t mean ′expendable′.

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