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Strong demand for recycled copper sees Wieland set up shop in US

Wieland North America is investing US$ 100 million (EUR 82.5 million) in setting up a copper recycling and refining centre in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

The new site, which will employ a crew of 75 workers, will leverage ‘the latest and most efficient technology’ to enable the recycling of a broad range of metals and alloys. Operations are expected to start in late 2022.

Wieland North America is part of the German Wieland group, which was founded some 200 years ago. To date, it owns around 230 metals-related facilities worldwide, with a workforce fo around 25 000 people. Earlier this year, the parent company announced plans to position its new North American headquarters in Louisville.

With this new endeavor, Wieland says it is taking a ‘major step’ underlining its commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality, acknowledging the ‘strong demand’ for high-recycled content metal from both its customers and end consumers.

‘Many thanks to the state of Kentucky and Shelby County for their tremendous display of support. The given incentives solidified our decision to proceed with this foundational investment, which will pave the way for further growth in recycling here,’ comments company president Matt Bedingfield. ‘We look forward to working alongside our current and future suppliers to find new ways to create value together.’

The patented Wieland copper rotor

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