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Stena Recycling opens ‘ultramodern’ site for precious metals

Sweden – Today marks the grand opening of Stena Nordic Recycling Center in the Swedish city of Halmstad. The brand-new recycling facility spans the size of 80 football fields and is equipped with advanced sensor technology to deal with precious metals from large quantities of e-scrap and end-of-life cars.

Thanks to a ‘unique chain of different sorting processes’, the Stena Nordic Recycling Centre can also recover the tangled debris that occurs when cars and other complex products are ground down into the shredding mills.

‘The automated process is ultramodern with the optimum combination of new innovations and proven technology. TVs, computers and other electronics are ground down and the material is broken up at high speed. The capacity is 110 000 tons per year,’ says Rasmus Bergström, managing director of Stena Technoworld.

He notes that the new recycling facility will be one of the most modern in Europe, employing some 200 workers. Its largest production hall is 300 metres long.

Stena Recycling recycles ‘hundreds of thousands’ of cars every year. As such, the plant was developed in close collaboration with industry partners from the automotive industry.

Bergström adds that the site will become an industrial recycling hub for northern Europe owing to its central location in Scandinavia in combination with good access to export ports and railway transportation.

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