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Romco Group broadens focus to copper scrap

Nigerian aluminium recycler Romco Group has expanded its product range to include premium copper ingots. ‘Our dedication to unlocking non-ferrous metal recycling potential in emerging markets has led us to explore opportunities in copper,’ explains company ceo Raymond Onovwigun.

Romco is now operating a copper induction furnace at its facility in Lagos which has successfully smelted copper into ingots with approximately 99% purity. Following extensive testing in 2022, Romco shipped the first ingots to central Asia this year, with production set to scale up throughout 2023.

Onovwigun says this new milestone demonstrates Romco’s ability to adapt and meet the world’s rapidly increasing demand for recycled materials. ‘Our decision to produce copper ingots is informed by our understanding of Africa’s potential as a truly circular economy,’ he says. ‘We are confident that our copper ingots will contribute to the growth of the recycling industry, including our partners and the wider communities we work in.’

He believes that a sustainable future is achievable through investment in renewable resources, thus replacing wasteful, polluting practices. ‘Our copper ingots are a tangible representation of this belief, and we are proud to introduce this premium product for the global market.’

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