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Novelis to produce 100% recycled can

United States – According to the CEO of aluminium giant Novelis, Phil Martens, the company is preparing to start production of a line of fully-recycled aluminium cans in roughly the next two years.

The 100%-recycled beverage can will be manufactured with a single-alloy design rather than with separate alloys for the can body and end sheet. Mr Martens states: ‘€˜It is going to take a few years. The first step was to prove it was feasible.’€™

He first announced the innovation at American Metal Market’€™s 2nd Annual Aluminum Summit in New York, where he explained it is part of his company’€™s objective to achieve 50% recycled content in all its products by 2015. An ambitious 80% target has been set for 2020 compared to the current 39% of recycled content.

If Novelis’€™ new venture is successful, an updated annealing process will greatly simplify the manufacturing process, with the whole can based on the same alloy.

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