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Novelis takes ‘important step’ with evercan

United States – Leading aluminium roller and recycler Novelis has announced the commercial availability of what it describes as the industry’s first independently-certified, high-recycled-content aluminium sheet designed specifically for the beverage can market.

Dubbed the evercan and containing a minimum of 90% recycled aluminium, the can body sheet will allow beverage companies to deliver soft drinks, beer and other products in a low-carbon footprint consumer package, the company says. Phil Martens, Novelis’ president and chief executive officer, hails the development as ‘an important step toward delivering on our ultimate vision of an aluminium can with up to 100% recycled content’.

The first phase of the Novelis evercan initiative serves as a ‘critical catalyst’ for the company to work more closely with consumer brand customers, supply chain partners and other community stakeholders to increase end-of-life recycling of used beverage containers, says Novelis’ chief sustainability officer John Gardner.

With evercan, he states, Novelis aims to ‘encourage wide participation’ from other aluminium suppliers, recyclers, beverage/packaging companies and many other parties in order to promote the use of more sustainable consumer packaging through aluminium recycling.

The evercan sheet has been certified by SCS Global Services and, to date, has entered the North American and European markets, with a worldwide roll-out scheduled to follow shortly.

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