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Novelis achieves goal of 55% recycled aluminium content

United States – US-based aluminium giant Novelis incorporated a 55% recycled content into its products in the 2017 financial year – thus reaching its target two years ahead of schedule. The figure is up from 53% the year before, the company states in its latest sustainability report.

Novelis’s state-of-the-art facility at Nachterstedt in Germany processes more than 400 000 tonnes of aluminium scrap per annum and the company recycles more than 60 billion post-consumer beverage cans annually, turning them back into new beverage cans within approximately two months.

Some 82% of non-dross waste and around 84% of dross was recycled in the latest financial year, Novelis points out.

The sustainability report also highlights the fact that Novelis received the inaugural Supplier Sustainability Award from Denso this year. The leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major car manufacturers honoured Novelis for its ‘strong leadership in all facets of sustainability’ across its operations, product lines and communities.

Among Novelis’ automotive partners, Ford affirms that it was able to recycle and reuse more than 90% of scrap generated during the stamping process, or enough to produce 30 000 additional F-150 truck bodies every month. And with Novelis’ help, Jaguar Land Rover managed to reclaim 50 000 tons of aluminium scrap, which is equivalent to 200 000 Jaguar XE body shells.

‘We see tremendous opportunity in continuing to expand the use of lightweight, infinitely recyclable aluminium to meet today’s most demanding applications while reducing energy use and preserving natural resources,’ comments Novelis’ president and ceo Steve Fisher.

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