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More zorba processing coming to Houston

US scrap processing company Levitated Metals plans to start operations at a heavy media flotation plant near Houston, Texas in September.

The new plant will buy non-ferrous zorba from third-party automobile shredders to produce cast alloy feedstock twitch. The process will separate aluminium fractions from other residual metals such as copper, zinc and magnesium.

Levitated Metals held a groundbreaking ceremony at the 10-acre site in New Caney on 15 January. The company will not be installing its own furnace but will instead market its products to smelters and processors in the US, Mexico and overseas.

‘The capital cost, storm water management challenges, air quality impacts and extended construction timeline of a furnace or smelter operation is considerable,’ says company ceo Ronak Shah. ‘Texas, the southeast US and northern Mexico are home to dozens of melt operations with the core competency needed to succeed in that stage of the supply chain. Levitated Metals is excited to be a valued supplier to them.’

One partner could be the secondary aluminium smelter Audubon Metal, which recently announced a new plant in Corsicana, Texas.  

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