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‘Leave your cap on’ to boost aluminium recycling

United Kingdom – The UK’s Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) has launched a new campaign entitled ‘You can leave your cap on’ in a bid to increase the recovery of aluminium caps and closures for recycling.

Recent research by Alupro has revealed that approximately 5000 tonnes of aluminium from caps and closures could be recovered nationally – with a worth of more than £2 million (US$ 3 million). One of the problems, it suggests, is that there is no end-user communication to emphasise the potential of aluminium cap and closure recycling – neither via kerbside collection, bring-back schemes nor throughout the actual glass recycling process.

The ‘easiest’ way

‘The market for aluminium bottle closures is growing rapidly, particularly for wine bottles, so it is important that the consumer gets in the habit of recycling them so that the aluminium can be captured for reprocessing,’ comments Alupro’s executive director Rick Hindley. ‘The message to the public is simple. Screwing the top back on the empty bottle before recycling is the easiest way for people to do their bit to recycle this valuable material.’

The new recycling campaign is said to be ‘the first of its kind’ in Europe. According to Alupro, the collected material is to be officially reported through the Packaging Recovery Note system. After completing four local authority trials, the organisation will measure and announce results later this year.

The ‘You can leave your cap on’ initiative is supported by British Glass and the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA).

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