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Goodbye magnesium – How to process aluminium scrap even more efficiently

Sorting technology specialist Steinert has managed to reduce the fractions of magnesium in the aluminium scrap flow by 92%. This is thanks to a technical upgrade of its x-ray transmission sorting system Steinert XSS T.

The magnesium (die-cast components) can now either be extracted separately as a concentrate or can be sorted, for example into the cast aluminium fraction. This application can now be integrated into aluminium scrap sorting systems treating end-of-life vehicles and mixed scrap, etc.

The innovative sorter operates at throughputs of 3 to 8 t/h per metre – just like the original Steinert XSS T model. It therefore ensures much more efficient sorting without any loss of processing capacity. Steinert adds that this new sorting task can be performed in the grain sizes of 10 – 30 mm, 30 – 70 mm and 70 – 130 mm; where the main share of magnesium is found.   

Also, Steinert says it is able to retrofit sorting equipment produced from 2016 onwards at recycling sites.

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