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How to capitalise on the Eurasian Union’s multi-million recycling sector

Russia – The Eurasian Economic Union, which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, is a ‘new and fast growing recycling market’ and generates about 1.5 tonnes of e-scrap per year. Considering this vast potential for recycling, Moscow is to host two major conferences in March, namely the the 13th International Forum Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals (RUSMET) as well as the The 2nd Congress of Eurasian WEEE Solutions (EWEEES).

WEEE Solutions will be held on March 28 – 29, while RUSMET will be held on 28-30 March at the five-star Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow. The high-profile business events will provide an update on recycling best practices, legislation and equipment in Russia, anv various other EAEU nations – a region with an e-scrap recycling market worth EUR 350 million per annum.

In January, Russia started the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for e-scrap, also an advanced eco-fee has been implemented. The year of 2017 is the Year of Ecology in Russia, which marks a ‘great opportunity’ to take a big step forward in favour of the environment, the event organisers say.

RUSMET will once again present the national award ‘The Best in the Scrap Market’; the conference will also touch upon car recycling, e-scrap refining, special alloys and innovative engineering projects. It aims to connect not only international scrap processors and dealers, but also the representatives of other recycling segments such as recovered paper recycling, plastics and e-scrap.

Meanwhile, main topics to be discussed at EWEES include: e-cycling in the Eurasian Economic Union; new recycling technologies; legislation and standards; precious metals/printed circuit board/battery/fridge recycling; as well as collection rates and new collection schemes.

Further reading: Check the Recyclene company profile in #1 issue of 2017 (page 18) for more details about Russia’s recycling industry.



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