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‘Frustrated’ Alupro makes case for higher aluminium targets

United Kingdom – The UK-based Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is ‘€˜frustrated’€™ that the proposed options within the consultation on new packaging recycling business targets ‘€˜do not reflect the ambition of the aluminium sector to maximise recovery and recycling of this valuable material’€™.

‘Although the trajectory proposed should lead to the UK achieving the targets in line with the EU Circular Economy package, we are concerned that the momentum that has been achieved over recent years, and which has seen significant improvements in recycling performance for our material, could be undermined,’ Alupro declares.

Recently, Alupro proposed to the UK’s environment, food & rural affairs department that the 2017 target for aluminium packaging should be increased. It argued that future targets should be ‘front end loaded’ to ensure the producer responsibility system remains attractive to reprocessors and exporters.

This advice was based on extensive analysis and modelling undertaken by Alupro to create a strategic roadmap towards achieving 2020 and 2025 recycling targets.

‘We believe these two measures would ensure that reprocessors and exporters remain interested in accreditation under the producer responsibility system,’ Alupro states. ‘Targets that are easily achievable will result in lower PRN (packaging recovery note) prices, making accreditation to the system less attractive.’

The organisation fears that the proposed targets will not convince these parties to remain accredited, meaning that volumes will go unreported and that the true recycling performance will not be measured. Alupro is therefore calling on the UK government to ensure future targets are ‘stretching but realistic’.

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