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From ash to cash for Lancaster County?

United States – Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority of Pennsylvania in the USA plans to launch a US$ 13 million recycling project that would recover pieces of gold, silver, aluminium, copper and zinc from the 165 000 tons of ash from waste burned annually at nearby incinerators. If given the green light, the plant could be in operation by autumn 2017.

Lancaster officials say the project will boost the county’s recycling rates and could recover around 7000 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals every year, earning some US$ 1.7 million. Two acres of industrial land has been earmarked for the new facility, which would feature a separate ash drying department. Ash left over from the metal recovery process would be used as daily landfill cover, officials have added.

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority will provide most of the loan (80%) for the project, which will be run by waste-to-energy specialist Inashco North America.

Its parent company has its roots in the Netherlands and uses ‘unique and patented’ technology developed by the Dutch Technical University of Delft. The company says it focuses on the ash fraction smaller than 12 mm that contains the highest and most valuable percentage of non-ferrous metals.

Source: Lancaster Online

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