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EAA investigates aluminium recycling at Vienna event

Austria – The European Aluminium Association (EAA) is organising the 13th edition of its International Aluminium Recycling Congress for February 23-24 this year. The venue will be the Vienna Marriott Hotel in Austria’s capital city.

′More than half of all the aluminium currently produced in the EU originates from recycled raw material and this trend is increasing,′ notes the EAA. ′The well-being of aluminium recycling depends on the supply of scrap, and in the global economy there is fierce competition for this precious commodity.′

Speakers at the annual event will seek to identify the impact of recent market developments on the European and global aluminium recycling industry. Key topics will include: recovering non-ferrous metals from bottom ash; new recycling methodologies in Volkswagen cars; a politician′s view on the Circular Economy; and advanced sorting technologies such as laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

A networking dinner has been organised for February 23 to offer delegates the opportunity to meet with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Meanwhile, Pierre Vareille has been appointed EAA chairman for a two-year term, replacing Roeland Baan of Aleris. His aim, he says, will be to ′ensure that the aluminium industry in Europe can regain competitiveness and its status as a global leader in innovation and sustainability′.

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