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China soars to new heights with XL aircraft recycling hub

Aircraft Recycling International has launched the China Aircraft Recycling Remanufacturing Base in Heilongjiang this summer. The doors to ‘the first large-scale aircraft recycling facility in Asia’ opened on June 8. Operations are said to be in full swing.

The 300 000 square meter recycling ‘base’ has an effective handling capacity of 20 aircraft per year. Its various activities range from purchasing aircraft, to selling, leasing, dismantling, replacing, conversion and maintenance. Clients are airlines, MROs, lessors along with manufacturers and aircraft materials distributors.

The ‘base’ features China’s largest bonded warehouse for aircraft parts. Besides, its hangar areas can accommodate three narrowbody aircraft simultaneously or one widebody and one narrowbody aircraft together.

‘As there are no comprehensive aircraft recycling and remanufacturing systems in China yet, ageing aircraft are usually dissembled and disposed of by companies in Europe and the Americas, involving high costs and long waiting times,’ comments LI Yuze, general manager of China Aircraft Disassembly Centre.

He underlines: ‘More and more civil aircraft in China are set to retire soon, offering extended market opportunities to the emerging aircraft recycling and remanufacturing industry.’ Moreover, the Chinese aviation industry is projected to grow 5.3% during the next 10 years.

Want to know more about how airplanes are scrapped? Stay tuned for our dedicated aviation feature, which will be published in the Autumn issue of Recycling International. 

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One thought on “China soars to new heights with XL aircraft recycling hub

  • Tim Strelitz

    Funny how the Chinese government is outlawing scrap deliveries to China yet now they want to become the largest recycler of jet planes? I WONDER WHY?

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