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BEST Sorting acquires 100 percent of the shares in BESTTORATEC.

Belgium / Spain – BEST Sorting has acquired 100 % of the shares in the in 2009 established joint venture between BEST NV (Belgium) and Toratec Recycling Solutions (Spain), and is fully motivated to further extend this branch of the company. The separation agreement between Eric Van Looy, Eva-Maria Gerosch and BEST has been signed as per January 1st 2011. BEST now fully owns the business unit, specialising in sorting equipment for the recycling industry.

BEST is a global market leader in sorting technology for food and non-food industries. The company’s technology is applied in the tobacco, pharmaceutical and food industries under the brand name of BEST. The complete acquisition of BESTTORATEC represents another important step towards realizing BEST’s strategy of strengthening its market position and product offering within the recycling industry.
The Belgian firm brings more than 30 years of experience in sorting technologies to this promising industry. The company offers a wide range of all common sorting technologies based on induction sensors, optical solutions, and x-ray sensors as well as combinations of them. The BEST sorters can sort an incredible variety of products from stainless steel, aluminium, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, wires, compost, plastic, glass, minerals, wood, … BEST is thus active in different sectors; WEEE, ELV, slag, C&D …
With this transaction, the brand name “BESTTORATEC” will disappear and all machines and technologies will become part of the BEST brand.
According to the company, it’s confident that this investment will represent an important milestone in the further growth of BEST and they will continue to invest in research and development to be able to deliver state-of–the–art sorting solutions for the recycling industry. The first projects with important industry players are now showing already results of these investments.

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