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Alutrade partners up with New Earth Solutions

UK – UK-based waste treatment and renewable energy specialist New Earth Solutions has struck a deal with aluminium reprocessor Alutrade to recycle its non-ferrous metals for the coming 12 months.

Once mixed non-ferrous materials arrive at Alutrade, they will be separated into the different ingredients. The incoming stream will include cans as well as other forms of metal. According to Alutrade, any ‘€˜contaminants’€™ reprocessed from the product will be returned to New Earth for further separation and recovery.

‘€˜It is important for New Earth to secure destinations for its recyclable products to maximise the benefits of the process to our customers,’€™ remarks Richard Brooke, New Earth’€™s Commercial Director. ‘€˜This arrangement with Alutrade provides both security and quality reprocessing within the UK.’€™

New Earth treats black bag household waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfill or incineration plants. Metals and plastics are separated for recycling using mechanical biological treatment processes; furthermore, a refuse-derived fuel is produced from the non-recyclable fraction.

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