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Aluminium leaders in can battle?

US – Aluminium industry leaders and former partners Alcoa and Hindalco Industries’€™ subsidiary Novelis are now competing strongly to collect and recycle the 92.5 billion aluminium beverage cans made in the USA annually, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Novelis, which ended the partnership on August 31 after collaborating with Alcoa since 2009, is currently setting up a new enterprise aimed at collecting an annual total of 60 billion cans by 2015. As the aluminium giants collected 40 billion cans when working together, the Wall Street Journal observes they are now ‘€˜bent on out-collecting each other’€™.

Alcoa has not been inactive in the meantime, expressing confidence that it will be able to boost can collection rates with new initiatives such as reverse-vending machines that offer cash or credits for cans. Alcoa is also planning on placing additional recycling bins at urban hot-spots such as in apartments.

‘€˜Competition between those guys will make the price go up,’€™ Castriota Metals and Recycling Inc.’€™s CEO Randy Castriota has told the Wall Street Journal. His Pittsburgh-based yard collects roughly a million cans per month, of which 90% find their way to Alcoa. Stating that he is ‘€˜open to sell’€™ to both parties, Mr Castriota states that Novelis recently showed an interest in making a deal with his yard.

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