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Aluminium industry’s ‘new models to guarantee closed loop’

Europe – The European aluminium industry reinforced its circular economy ambitions and recycling agenda at the 13th International Aluminium Recycling Congress, held this week in the Austrian capital Vienna.

At the event organised by the European Aluminium Association (EAA), the body’s recycling division chair Roberta Niboli pointed out: ‘In Europe and across the globe, we are faced with increasingly limited resources and the environmental and economic challenges that arise as a result.’

Through taking concrete steps ‘to promote resource efficiency in Europe and new models to guarantee a closed recycling loop, we can secure a steady supply of recyclable material to society, reduce our dependence on foreign imports and turn waste into new, innovative products over and over again’.

EAA′s director general Gerd Götz confirmed the association has ′high expectations′ for the emergence later this year of an ambitious and improved circular economy proposal from the European Commission. ′It is crucial for the European Commission to deliver a new package focused on improving collection and sorting processes, eliminating the landfill of post-consumer recyclable waste, and driving investment in the recycling value chain in Europe,′ he stressed.

The EAA congress in Vienna attracted more than 120 aluminium recycling experts from around the world.

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