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Aluminium can recycling has app appeal

United States – Leading primary aluminium producer Alcoa has launched a new Facebook app to educate users about aluminium recycling.

The ‘€˜Pass the Can’€™ initiative is designed to be ‘€˜a fun way for Facebook users to make a big impact on real-world aluminium recycling and help increase the can recycling rate,’€™ comments Beth Schmitt, Director of Recycling Programs for Alcoa. ‘€˜Recycling is a global challenge because tens of billions of cans are still being wasted.’€™

Players crush a virtual aluminium can and pass it to Facebook friends. For every can ‘€˜passed’€™ through the app, the Alcoa Foundation will donate US$ 1 (up to US$ 75 000) to recycling efforts led by three non-profit organisations, namely Keep America Beautiful in the USA, Planet Ark in Australia and the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Europe.

‘€˜Pass the Can’€™ is Alcoa’€™s second app created to promote aluminium can recycling. In 2010, the group launched the Aluminate app for iPhone and iPad users to help them locate recycling centres, track how many aluminium cans they recycle and calculate the cash they earn through recycling.

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