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Airbus opens one-stop shop for ageing aircraft

Airbus has unveiled a service centre for aircraft in China which it says is the first of its kind in the world to cover the entire life cycle of its planes.

As well as storing, upgrading and maintaining the aircraft, the Airbus Lifecycle Services Centre (ALSC) in Chengdu offers dismantling and the reuse of parts. Airbus says 75% of the aircraft stored in the centre are expected to fly again after storage and upgrade by a joint venture with recycler Tarmac Aerosave, the city of Chengdu and Airbus company Satair.

The remaining aircraft will be dismantled by Tarmac Aerosave, recovering around 90% of the aircraft weight. Satair acquires the ageing aircraft and trades and distributes the used parts to complete the full scope of lifecycle services.

125 aircraft

The facility has a surface area of 717 000 square metres and can store 125 aircraft. It will progressively ramp up operations between now and 2025, directly employing up to 150 people.

‘This centre is the first of its kind to cover, as a one-stop shop, the full range of activities from aircraft parking and storage to maintenance, upgrades, conversions, dismantling and recycling services for various aircraft types, as well as the controlled distribution of used parts from dismantling,’ Airbus says on its website.

ALSC is certified by both the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Administration of China. 

‘I’m glad to see the Airbus Lifecycle Services Centre enter into service in Chengdu,’ says Cristina Aguilar, Airbus svp customer services. ‘It echoes our purpose to pioneer sustainable aerospace and shows our approach to environmental responsibility across the entire aircraft lifecycle. Our service centre is a great example of Chinese-European cooperation in the development of the circular economy for the aviation industry.’

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