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Innovators from Basque Country

In honour of Recycling International’s 25th anniversary, we are spotlighting leading industry players over the coming months. This time, it’s tech company ZB Group.

‘We very much look forward to celebrating our 40th anniversary this year,’ says Lander Arrieta, general manager of recycling equipment manufacturer ZB Group. ‘I can’t yet tell you what the party will look like but, trust me, it’s going to be unforgettable.’

Based in the hills above San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Country, ZB designs and produces a wide range scrap metal shredders. The company has equipment in operation at recycling facilities all over the world with a strong customer base in Latin America and the US. ‘In fact, a 1 200 HP mobile shredder of the Preda Thor 2121 series is currently being installed at a recycler in Dallas, Texas,’ Arrieta tells Recycling International.

The Preda Thor is among ZB’s latest equipment, a shredder and a pre-shredder combined in one mobile solution. The machine that has been sent to Dallas was unveiled last year at the IFAT trade show in Munich. ‘We’re building a lighter, 750 HP unit for another customer.’

Mobility is the future, observes Arrieta. ‘Look how recycling has changed over the years. We’ve come from only stationary shredders to advanced mobile solutions. Flexibility is key nowadays at most yards: why move your scrap to the machine when it’s so much easier to move your machine to the scrap.’

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