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Three reasons to buy second-hand metalworking machine

The purchase of a new metalworking machine is a hell of an undertaking these days. High prices, logistical problems… It gives you financial and business headaches. In addition, it does not benefit the environment at all. Three reasons to buy a second-hand machine tool instead of a new one from that point of view.

Reason #1: Saving on scarce raw materials

For the production of new machine tools, raw materials such as steel and aluminium must be mined. These raw materials are scarce and expensive. We must all be much more economical with these and other raw materials and not deplete our Earth further. Moreover, the extraction process of metals is associated with a lot of emissions of polluting greenhouse gases that affect our climate. That is why it is much more sustainable to purchase a second-hand metalworking machine from, for example, Mach4Metal in  Gelderland, which has been a specialist in the trade of used machine tools for the metal industry since 1992.

Reason #2 Less greenhouse gas emissions

As mentioned above: the extraction of raw materials and the production of a new machine cause relatively high emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. Not only CO2, but also the much more environmentally harmful methane. By selling second-hand machine tools, the above processes do not have to take place and we save the climate and environment.

Reason #3 Raw materials and materials make money

Used machine tools are worth money! If you ever say goodbye to a sheet metal processing or machining machine, do not throw it in the waste, but take it to a recognized and trusted recycling company. Metal scrap is nowadays a lucrative business and other semi-finished or finished products can be made from it, so that the value of the raw materials is preserved. Mach4Metal does business with reliable metal scrap dealers.

It is also possible to sell a used machine tool to a machine dealer such as Mach4Metal. Its employees know exactly whether the machine still meets the quality and offers market-based specifications. This trader has already helped many thousands of customers with the purchase and sale of metalworking machines.

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