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WSA video celebrates steel’s recyclability

Global – The World Steel Association (WSA) has launched a video campaign highlighting not only the economic and social impact of the global steel industry but also its environmental credentials.

Entitled ′Steel makes our world a better place′, the video emphasises that steel can be ′recycled time and again, but loses 0% in quality′. Steel in yesterday’s washing machine ′can be a surgical scalpel or mobile phone tomorrow′, the message runs.

According to the video, the words ′dirt, smoke and yuk′ still come to many people′s minds when thinking about the steel sector. And yet, it argues, this modern and constantly-evolving industry employs more than 8 million people worldwide and turns over more than US$ 800 billion per year, yielding in excess of US$ 100 billion in tax.

′Our aim is to inspire current and future generations about the diverse number of opportunities available in the sector, and inform as many people as possible on how the industry has transformed and modernised over recent years,′ explains WSA′s director general Edwin Basson.

′As an industry we believe sustainable development must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are therefore committed to achieving a vision in which steel is recognised as a key element of a sustainable world – and hope our new video is a good way of communicating that vision and message.′

The video is available for viewing in six languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and Korean – via the WSA’s website:

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