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World crude steel output jumps 3.5% in 2013

Global – World crude steel production reached 1.607 billion tonnes last year for an increase of 3.5% over 2012, according to the World Steel Association (WSA). ‘The growth came mainly from Asia and the Middle East while crude steel production in all other regions decreased in 2013 compared to 2012,’ the organisation reports.

Asian output totalled 1.081 billion tonnes, representing an increase of 6% over the previous year; the continent’s share of world production climbed from 65.7% in 2012 to 67.3% in 2013. China’s crude steel production reached 779 million tonnes for an increase of 7.5% over 2012 while its share of world output advanced from 46.7% to 48.5%.

Meanwhile, Japan produced 110.6 million tonnes of crude steel in 2013 – a 3.1% increase over 2012 – while South Korea’s total was 4.4% lower at 66 million tonnes.

The EU-27 recorded a 1.8% fall in crude steel output last year to 165.6 million tonnes; German production remained stable at 42.6 million tonnes whereas Italy produced 24.1 million tonnes (-11.7% year on year). Slightly higher totals were recorded by France (+0.5% to 15.7 million tonnes) and Spain (+0.7% to 13.7 million tonnes).

Crude steel production in North America fell 1.9% to 119.3 million tonnes while the South American total of 46 million tonnes represented a drop of 0.8%, of which Brazil produced 34.2 million tonnes (-1%).

In the final month of last year, the 65 countries reporting to the WSA produced 129.2 million tonnes of crude steel for an increase of 6.3% when compared to December 2012.

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