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US rules on Mexican rebar dumping claims

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has ruled that rebar imports from Mexico in 2019 and 2020 were dumped on the market at below normal rates.

The final review of an antidumping duty order has reinforced earlier imposition of differential duty penalties for different Mexican companies. The period investigated by DOC was between 1 November 2019, and 31 October 2020.

While it determined that Mexican companies’ sales were made below normal value during the period of review, it found that Deacero did not know that the subject product it sold to an intermediary was destined for the US.

DOC has determined weighted-average dumping margins of 0% for Deacero, 66.70% for Grupo Simec and 33.35% for Grupo Acerero and Sidertul. The final antidumping duties for the country are applicable from 8 June.

Meanwhile, DOC has announced the preliminary results of its administrative review of the anti-dumping duty order on carbon and alloy steel wire rod from South Korea. During the review period from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 30 2021, South Korean steel producer Posco was found to have not made sales at less than normal value.

Accordingly, the DOC has calculated a weighted-average dumping margin of zero for the company.

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