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US builds one of the world’s largest aircraft recycling hubs

Aircraft Solutions USA is setting up a subsidiary in North Carolina to recycle more aircraft parts and materials.

The expansion will create 475 jobs and see Aircraft Solutions USA invest nearly US$100 million (EUR 91 million) in its new aircraft recycling hub. Global TransPark in Lenoir County will host the new site, which will dismantle both commercial and military aircraft. The recycler says it is able to successfully remove 95% of all components.

Groundbreaking for the new facility is set for summer of 2020. It is scheduled to be fully operational in fall of 2021. The move is timely as Airbus recently reported it expects around 37 500 new passenger and freighter aircraft to enter the skies by 2040.  

General manager Sven Daniel Koechler, says: ‘With our environmentally friendly and sustainable processes, we offer a real alternative to conventional boneyards and are proud to be able to build an architectural highlight in North Carolina with one of the largest hangars in the world.’

Koechler underlines that the company, which has its headquarters in Miami, Florida, has developed a ‘unique hanger system’ as well as new recycling technology that will enable the recycling of up to 70 more Boeing 737s a year.

Meanwhile, Belgian recycling firm AeroCircular has shown that old planes may offer a valuable learning experience for young pilots. The company has launched a collaboration with Euramec to upcycle end-of-life cockpits and fuselages for flight simulation training.

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