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Turkish car recycling plant first off the blocks

Turkey – A car recycling plant in Turkey, said to be valued at US$20 million, has been established in Suadiye, Kocaeli.

Anel Dogu, one of the leading electronics recyclers in Turkey, which built the new shredding facility, estimates it will process 100,000 vehicles per year there in the future. The company hopes to set up 23 waste processing plants across the country by 2020.
Its ambitious plans follow the implementation on January 1 of legislation, similar to that in the EU, controlling the disposal of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). Under the new control regulation, ELVs can be delivered only to locations authorised by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
Owners drop their vehicles off at one of 618 OtoKumbara (car ‘piggy bank’) collection stations and they are transported to the Kocaeli plant, where liquids, tyres and windows are first removed. A shredder then dices the vehicles into pieces of 5 to 10 cm in under a minute before a magnet removes ferrous material. In the final phase, copper and aluminum parts are sorted via another magnetic separator.

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