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Studsvik’s UK metals recycling facility opens for business

United Kingdom – Nuclear waste specialist Studsvik has accepted its first delivery metallic low-level active waste for treatment at the Studsvik Metal Recycling Facility in Cumbria.
The twelve drums of metal received from the Low Level Waste Repository will be treated by size-reduction and decontaminated by shot-blasting. The scrap will then be monitored to confirm that it is no longer subject to regulatory control and will be recycled.

The drums were transported from the LLW Repository to the Studsvik MRF via the Port of Workington by rail. A number of other customers will begin to utilise the facility as a route for their metallic waste in the next few weeks, Studsvik said.

Dick Raaz, Managing Director of LLW Repository Ltd explained that the consignment represents a first for both Studsvik and LLWR. “Studsvik’s new facility at Lillyhall will enable LLW Repository Ltd to offer its customers new options for treating waste and fully implement the waste management hierarchy in line with the National Low Level Waste Strategy.”

The MRF in Workington, Cumbria is the first new nuclear licensed site to be brought into operation in the UK in over 20 years.

The facility is regulated by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, Environment Agency, Office for Civil Nuclear Security and Cumbria County Council and was subject to a full Environmental Impact Assessment in 2007. The MRF was granted a nuclear site licence from the HSE in February 2008 and construction of the facility was completed in May 2009.

Studsvik received consent to accept radioactive waste onto site for treatment on 1 September 2009. Sam Usher, president of Studsvik UK commented “This is a very significant achievement for Studsvik. Securing the necessary regulatory consent to bring active material onto the Studsvik MRF nuclear licensed site represents a major milestone for us.’

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