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Steinert unveils mobile separation plant in USA

United States – Major separation equipment manufacturer Steinert has unveiled a complete mobile processing plant at its US subsidiary in Walton, Kentucky.

Steinert’s mobile series includes the CoarseMaster, the FinesMaster, an ISS induction system and an eddy-current system. The units can be combined with an AEI bivi-TEC mobile screen, the company points out.

The CoarseMaster is suitable for material from 12 mm and offers ‘a flexible combination for ferrous and non-ferrous recovery’. The full-scale production unit features a single-stage ferrous pre-separator with ‘a small footprint and easy maintenance access’. Designed for metal separation of fines material from 3 mm, the FinesMaster features a dual-stage ferrous pre-separator, a built-in loading station and ‘wide tuning flexibility’ based on material to be processed.

Steinert’s ISS induction system is an all-metal sorter to suit multiple applications, offering a built-in compressed air filter and drying system, optional on-board compressed air supply and all-weather operation.

The NES mobile eddy current is Steinert’s non-ferrous ‘recovery solution’, delivered in multiple configurations for material from 3 mm. ‘The NES features an on-board utility compressor, user-friendly operation, fast on-site set-up, and requires no special transport permits,’ the company stresses.

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