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Steel packaging edges nearer 80% recycling rate in Europe

Europe – A total of 2.7 million tonnes of steel packaging was recycled to make new steel products throughout Europe in 2012, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) has revealed. This average recycling rate of 74% ‘reinforces the long term trend for steel as the most recycled packaging material in Europe’, notes Alexander Mohr, secretary general of APEAL.

Steel packaging′s recycling rate has ′increased threefold′ over the last 20 years, the association states. This success is thanks to a combination of its infinite recyclability, the ease with which magnetic steel can be recovered from the waste stream and recycled, and an understanding of the resource and emissions savings to be gained.

′Top performers′

′New figures evidence a continued dedication to the recycling of steel packaging and just how big an impact it can have in driving up rates,′ comments Mohr. As such, the association has ′no doubt′ that the industry will achieve its 80% recycling rate target by 2020. ′If you take the top performers, you already see a recycling rate of over 90% – achieved not only by big countries like Germany, but small countries such as the Netherlands,′ Mohr adds.

Glass, aluminium, beverage cartons and plastic packaging have meanwhile reached recycling rates respectively of 70%, 68%, 39% and 35%.

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