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SEDA to take car recycling in Turkey to next level

Turkey – Major depollution equipment provider SEDA Umwelttechnik of Austria has done business in Turkey for a considerable time but now the company has launched a subsidiary to serve customers in this and neighbouring countries.

According to SEDA Turkey’s managing director Ramiz Ilter, there is ‘huge demand for proper solutions and equipment’ in the Turkish end-of-life vehicle market. ‘We can now supply the right know-how supported by the right products, not only for the draining of vehicles but also for the recycling and partial distribution of the acquired materials,’ he stresses.

Since 2015, SEDA has been involved in the start-up of what is claimed to be the first training centre for car recycling in Turkey. The project was funded by the Dutch government and supported by experts at Auto Recycling Netherlands. SEDA has 40 year worth of experience in the car dismantling business, serving a customer base of over 3000 companies worldwide.

Turkey’s first car recycling plant was launched in 2011 by e-scrap recycling firm Anel Doğa. The US$ 20 million site is said to process an estimated 100 000 vehicles annually. According to Turkish government officials, the country is aiming to comply with the EU’s 95% car recycling target set for 2020.

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