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Scandinavia main market for e-scrap collection

Europe – New figures from the WEEE Forum reveal that Scandinavia boasted the highest volume of e-scrap collected in Europe in 2012. Norway and Sweden headed the country list, collecting 22.6 kg and 18.3 kg per capita respectively.

Other notable front-runners in terms of electronic waste collection were Switzerland, with 16.3 kg collected per capita, Denmark (12 kg) and Belgium (10.3 kg). Overall, however, European e-scrap collection was down 3.4% compared to the previous year at 3.2 million tonnes.

Germany was number one in absolute terms, collecting more than 600 000 tonnes of e-scrap in 2012. The UK was econd with 500 000 tonnes, followed by France with 450 000 tonnes. The WEEE Forum notes that no other country collected more than 200 000 tonnes.

The fall in material collected was in proportion to a reduction in weight of electronics and electronic equipment, pointed out WEEE Forum secretary general Pascal Leroy. He also stressed that illegal trade in e-scrap is fuelling high metal prices.

Cooling and freezing equipment accounted for 44% of all the units collected, Leroy added. Computer monitors and televisions made up 25% of the total.

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Source: ENDS Europe

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