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Sandy consigns a quarter-million cars to the scrap yard

United States – The severe damage wreaked by Hurricane Sandy will force the scrapping of up to 266 000 new and used vehicles, US car-makers and dealers have estimated.

‘€˜We believe that between 100 000 and 250 000 vehicles currently in operation could be removed from used vehicle supply once all is said and done,’€™ states the National Automobile Dealers Association’€™s Senior Analyst Laurence E. Dixon III. The tally could yet grow as General Motors Co and Ford Motor Co have yet to announce their lost vehicle numbers.

The hurricane destroyed ‘€˜at least 17 000 new cars’€™, the nation’€™s leading car-makers have reported. Most were ‘€˜damaged beyond repair’€™ as a result of flooding.

US luxury plug-in hybrid vehicle manufacturer Fisker Automotive has confirmed that it lost 338 of its Karma sedans at the Port of Newark, representing around US$ 34.8 million in replacement costs. Nissan estimates it will have to scrap around 6000 vehicles, with Toyota and Lexus anticipating a total of some 3000 scrap-ready cars.

Hurricane Sandy has been recorded as the worst Atlantic storm in US history, cutting off electricity supply to more than 8 million homes and businesses, leaving all but a handful of New Jersey and New York car dealerships operational.

Source: New York Daily News.

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