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Recycle cars as much as cans

The UK’s largest network of authorised treatment facilities for end-of-life vehicles says the country’s national Recycle Week was ‘a great opportunity’ to emphasise that recycling a car is as easy as recycling a can.

The CarTakeBack network has invested heavily in recycling technology and equipment and reached the EU’s target of 95% two years early.

‘We are ahead of the game but we’re not resting,’ a spokesman says. ‘Our goals are high and they need to be. With 1.8 million cars scrapped every year in the UK, we know a large proportion are responsibly recycled but if people don’t make the right choice, the damage is done.’

Vehicle depollution must take place at an authorised treatment facility that holds an environmental permit. One industry source suggests that as many as 300 000 end-of-life vehicles could have been handled illegally last year.

The annual Recycle Week was kicked off last Monday, and was organised by the Recycle Now campaign. The slogan this year was ‘Recycling. It’s in our hands’, taking inspiration from public figures like Sir David Attenborough.

Recycling responsibility

‘Recycling really is in our hands,’ says CarTakeBack. ‘Rinsing out that can and putting it in the right bin means the public can tick off their recycling responsibility. But what about that tonne of metal, glass and plastic parked on the driveway?’

The network says the campaign mantra: ‘Rinse, Crush, Squash, Sort, Separate’ must apply to more than just the can in the kitchen for the UK to achieve significant recycling success.

‘While there’s obviously much more to it, recycling a car properly actually fits pretty neatly into that process. Making sure people know it’s what we need to achieve for all items, whatever the size, is vital. Can and car!’

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