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Kuusakoski takes a majority stake B.R.A. group

Finland / Sweden – Finnish company Kuusakoski Recycling has become majority owner of BRA Group (Concrete cutting contractors Borrkompaniet, R.Å.D Demolition and ABVAC) founded by Niclas Johansson. Kuusakoski is now a powerful new player in the Nordic demolition industry.
The company offers a comprehensive service in demolition, decontamination and recycling of demolition materials as well as concrete sawing and drilling services to the construction industry throughout Sweden as well as large projects overseas. This means that industrial and construction companies can ensure the entire process, from demolition to the reuse of demolition waste, thus contributing to a sustainable society, to its customers.
“The purchase means that we have fulfilled one of our goals for 2010, to grow in the demolition industry in southern Sweden. We are therefore a new major player in Sweden in demolition, offering a complete service. Demolition service fits well into our business because we have extensive experience in optimizing and recycling is an established supplier of raw materials. We also have a strong focus on logistics and environmental issues in common. I look forward to working with Niclas Johansson who founded the group and the excellent business that he built with his staff,” said Kuusakoski Recycling President Ingrid Näsström.
BRA Group is a comprehensive demolition company in Stockholm, with operations throughout Sweden as well as considering more projects abroad. With a large fleet of machines and expertise in all segments of the demolitions, from light demolition work to the advanced industrial demolition, remediation and concrete cutting the company has become one of the largest in the industry. Borrkompaniet CEO, Niclas Johansson, began operations in 1994 and acquired R.Å.D and ABVAC in 2001 – 2002.
“We are very pleased with Kuusakoski Recycling as a new majority owner of BRA Group. Kuusakoski have all the important components that BRA Group currently lack. We are now stronger in recovery and can meet customer needs at a higher level. Being part of one of Scandinavia’s most developed network of recycling depots, and now the collective expertise, makes us feel well prepared for the growing demand that exists for our services,” says Niclas Johansson.
“Kuusakoski currently works with demolition, development of machinery and recycling of demolition waste in northern Sweden and has a long and wide knowledge of various demolition projects. In Finland, we are the largest demolition operator, with their shareholding of a concrete drilling company. With this increase of Kuusakoski Group in terms of demolition operations I believe we are the biggest in Scandinavia,” says Ingrid Näsström.
Kuusakoski Recycling operates in Sweden, Finland, Russia, UK, USA, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and has an international position for almost one hundred years of practice in the recycling industry. In 2009 Kuusakoski Recycling recycled client materials that contributed to an estimated four million tonnes of carbon reduction.

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