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Harsco expands environmental services to China’s BaoSteel

United States / China – Worldwide industrial services company Harsco Corporation says its division Harsco Metals business group has been awarded a new environmental services contract for by-product recycling that will expand the Company’s relationship with China’s largest steelmaker, BaoSteel.
The new contract, valued at approximately US$6 million, is Harsco’s fourth within the Chinese steelmaking sector and continues Harsco’s growing industrial services presence in the Asia-Pacific region. ‘This latest award reflects our strong focus on developing and implementing knowledge-based services and solutions that improve our customers’ performance and further extend Harsco’s global growth,’ said Galdino Claro, CEO of the Harsco Metals and Harsco Minerals business groups.

Harsco Metals will deploy a new zero waste by-product recycling service at BaoSteel’s Ningbo integrated carbon steelmaking facility in Zhejiang Province, where Harsco already provides scrap management and coolant scrap production services under the terms of an ongoing 12-year contract. Under its expanded relationship with BaoSteel, Harsco will install and operate a specially constructed facility that will recycle by-products from the mill’s steelmaking for re-use in the production of new steel. Harsco’s recycling services are scheduled to begin in July.

‘We are delighted to engage with BaoSteel, one of the most technologically-advanced steel producers in the world, in providing solutions that directly support the aims of modern, environmentally-responsive steelmaking,’ said Dan Attorre, Harsco Metals regional president for Asia-Pacific.

In parallel with its expanding role in providing environmental solutions to steelmakers, Harsco Metals has also begun a new research and development relationship with the University of Science and Technology in Beijing, China’s most prestigious technical institute for iron and steelmaking technologies. Harsco Metals and the university will conduct joint research into the physical, metallurgical and mineralogical properties of steelmaking by-products to develop innovative market uses and enhanced economic viability for these materials. Eight steel producing companies in China have been chosen to participate in the initial study.

‘Both the Ningbo BaoSteel contact and our partnership with the University of Science and Technology reflect our ultimate commitment to help our customers achieve a worldwide, zero-waste steel manufacturing industry,’ said Mr. Claro. ‘We are gratified that BaoSteel has recognized Harsco and the value we bring to this honorable objective.’

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