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Harris sells two shredders to Midwest Scrap Management

United States – In the USA, Midwest Scrap Management (MSM) of Kansas City and St Joseph, Missouri, has purchased two HS shredder plants – a HS 98115 and a HS 125125 – from US-based shredder producer Harris.

The new plants represent the third and fourth Harris shredder plants purchased by Midwest Scrap Management, with the earliest of them – a HS 6090 – sold to the company a decade ago.

Jim Summers, Operations Manager at MSM, comments: ‘From the first HS 6090 to the current HS 125125 running in Kansas City, Midwest Scrap has had great success with the Harris shredders. There just is not another shredder mill that can hold up to the punishment we give our Harris HS 125125 day after day.’

Along with the purchase of the two shredder plants, Midwest has also bought a 6000 HP drive package to accompany a 7000 HP drive package purchased earlier. One of the shredders will be located in Park City, Kansas, and the other in the southern USA. 

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