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Global steel production up 16.5%

World crude steel production in May was 174.4 million tonnes (Mt), a 16.5% increase compared to May 2020. This is a less dramatic increase than the 23.3% growth reported in April when the total was 169.5 million tonnes.

Data from the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) shows that China produced 99.5 Mt in May 2021, up 6.6% on May 2020. The year to date is 13.9% higher. India produced 9.2 Mt, up 46.9% (a year-to-date rise of 33.6%). Japan produced 8.4 Mt, up 42.2% (+9.1% year-to-date). The United States produced 7.2 Mt, up 47.6% (+10.6%). Turkey produced 3.2 Mt, up 42.4% (+21.2%). Brazil produced 3.2 Mt, up 40.1% (+20.3%).

Others are estimated: Russia is put at 6.6 Mt, up 14.0%. South Korea is estimated to have produced 6.0 Mt, up 10.5%. Germany is estimated to have produced 3.5 Mt, up 35.5%.  Iran is estimated to have produced 2.6 Mt, up 7.7%.

Broken down by region, Asia and Oceania reported 128.4 Mt, up 11.7%, the CIS produced 9.1 Mt, up 14.8%. The EU (27) produced 13.5 Mt, up 32.7%. Europe, Other produced 4.2 Mt, up 36.9% The Middle East produced 3.7 Mt, up 16.8%. North America produced 10.1 Mt, up 47.7%. South America produced 3.9 Mt, up 49.7%. the biggest growth came in Africa with a 65.1% rise producing 1.3 Mt.

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