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Global steel production jumped in April

The economic recovery underway across the world is emphasised by the latest world crude steel production figures.

According to the World Steel Association (worldsteel), production in April among the 64 reporting countries was 169.5 million tonnes, a 23.3% increase compared to April 2020.

As ever, the numbers are dominated by China which produced 97.9 million tonnes in April, up 13.4% on April 2020. India’s total soared 152.1% to 8.3 million tonnes. Japan produced 7.8 million tonnes, up 18.9% while the United States’ total of 6.9 million tonnes was an increase of 43.0%.

Other producers in the top 10 globally were Russia with 6.5 million tonnes (+15.1%); South Korea 5.9 million tonnes (+15.4%); Germany 3.4 million tonnes (+31.5%); Turkey 3.3 million tonnes (+46.6%); Brazil 3.1 million tonnes, (+59.3%); and Iran 2.5 million tonnes (+6.4%).

Earlier this month, worldsteel issued a policy paper outlining the steel industry’s challenges and opportunities in reducing CO2 emissions in line with the aims of the Paris Agreement.

It notes that steel production remains a CO2 and energy-intensive activity but says the industry is committed to continuing to reduce the footprint from its operations and the use of its products.

The main elements of the industry’s response are:
• Reducing industry’s own impact
• Efficiency and the circular economy
• Developing advanced steel products to enable societal transformations

Edwin Basson, director general, worldsteel, said, ‘What is absolutely clear is that governments and other stakeholders will need to work with the steel industry to overcome the technological and economic challenges and create the market conditions necessary for the steel industry to transition to low-carbon steelmaking effectively.’

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