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GDE Recyclage connecting to Northern Europe

France – GDE Recyclage, the French subsidiary of the Ecore recycling group, has taken over the SNT Group (Société Nouvelle de Transformation) which is headquartered in the Valenciennes area of France.

At its two sites at Escautpont, SNT specialises in processing, trading and related services with respect to iron and steel by-products (scrap steel, cast iron, etc.), recycling nearly 300 000 tonnes of metal annually. The company also recycles laser cartridges at its Hirson site in the Aisne department of France where capacity is approaching 1.2 million products per annum.

GDE plans to create an ‘Eco-platform’ with the aim of building on SNT’s current activities as well as on its own ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling business, while also developing sea and river transport via the Escaut Canal, taking advantage of the Seine-Northern Europe canal system which, when opened, will connect the Paris basin to the inland waterways of Northern Europe. This platform will call for an investment of Euro 45 million in the short term and will provide a base for the group’s expansion in the region.

GDE has over 50 facilities in France and employs more than 1000 people, generating a turnover last year of Euro 725 million.

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